Hello magical apprentices.

If you love magic and adventures then you’ve come to the right place. We do too!

We’ve been part of The Enfys Society for more years than (some of us) care to mention. During all that time, we’ve built up a wealth of knowledge about magical creatures, how to find them and where to plan the best adventures. We’d really love to share our experiences with you too.

But before we share our secrets, let us introduce ourselves so that you can get to know us better.

Professor Marshall H. Maddern

Head of Mythical and Magical Arts at The Merlin Academy

Professor Maddern is top of his field when it comes to the study of mythical and magical arts. Having taught at The Merlin Academy for over forty years, he’s lost count of the number of student’s he’s inspired to go off on their own magical adventures.

One of his former students is the famous alchemist Sir Percy Wilberforce, who was knighted last year for his services to the food industry. Thanks to Professor Maddern’s teachings, Sir Percy discovered a simple garden herb that can transform sprouts into the most delicious food you’ve ever tasted (based on your own individual tastebuds). He says that without Professor Maddern’s enthusiasm for his subject, as well as his unique and tenacious teaching methods, he would never have discovered what a delight it can be to eat a plateful of sprouts.

Professor Maddern himself has made many magical discoveries and has written several books on the subjects of myths, legends, magical creatures and interesting facts about things you didn’t even know you were interested in.

Likes: tweed jackets
Dislikes: new-fangled things
Top tip: patience is the key to finding anything magical

Spencer Caldwell

Adventurer and professional mischief maker

There probably isn’t a place on the planet that Spencer hasn’t explored. Ever since he was a small child, he has fully embraced the spirit of adventure, making mischief even before he could walk properly.

When Spencer was eight-years-old, he lived in a tent in his back garden for the whole of the summer holidays. Not only did this mini-adventure confirm what he wanted to do with his life, but it was also the first time that Spencer actually found proof that there was a unicorn living amongst his mother’s prize-winning begonias.

Since making this remarkable discovery, Spencer has made it his mission to chart and document all other signs of magic in what other less enlightened people call ‘the everyday world’. Thanks to his tireless work and acute powers of observation and patience, Spencer has documented millions of examples of magic at work, proving that magic is actually all around us at every minute of the day.

Most at home in wild and wonderful places, Spencer has a natural affinity for the art of Bushcraft, and could probably survive anywhere in the world with just a tin can, a bit of wool and a pair of scissors.

Likes: the outdoors
Dislikes: sprouts
Favourite saying: If your hands aren’t dirty by the time you go to bed, then you haven’t made the most of your day.

Elgelina Atterbury

Baker and craft enthusiast

Always very excitable, Eleglina is always happiest when she’s making a delicious cake or transforming a piece of paper into something far more magical. A gifted artist, she has an endless supply of imagination and creativity which has resulted in her small cottage becoming quite full of all the lovely things she has made.

** TOP SECRET ** We tell you this only because we think it’s important for you to know, but Elgelina is actually a Fairy. She is supposed to stay in her human form whilst teaching her students how to bake cakes or how to create a fairy castle from some mushed up paper, string, glue and glitter, but sometimes all the excitement gets the better of her and she pops back to her fairy form. We wouldn’t want you to have a fright. Don’t worry, this is quite normal and not at all painful despite the odd popping noise, but it’s important that we don’t tell absolutely everyone about her true fairy-form so that we don’t alarm those people who don’t like to believe in magic.

It might surprise you to know that, as far as she can remember, Elgelina is about 314 years old. This is actually quite young for a fairy (Elgelina’s mum is about 563!), but it also means that she’s got lots of interesting things to tell us about the Very Olden Days. She definitely thinks that the cake recipes are better these days though, she says that she wasn’t too keen on frog pie!