I'd love to be able to tell you exactly when The Enfys Society was first founded, but I can't. That's not because it's a closely guarded secret or anything, but simply because it was so long ago that no-one can remember.

As far as anyone can tell, The Enfys Society has always been around, and has had many illustrious members throughout its long history.

But what does The Enfys Society do?

The Enfys Society is actually lots of things. But, in it's most simple form, it's a society that exists to protect and preserve all the magical things in this world.

Where things get a bit more difficult is defining exactly what "magical things" are.

Of course there are all the normal things that people instinctively know are magical like unicorns, fairies, dragons and elves. But then there are all the things that people experience every day and have come to forget how magical they really are. These are things like dreams (the ones when you're sleeping at night, and especially the super-magical daydreams), imagination, make-believe, and adventure. All of these things are looked after and protected by The Enfys Society.

Rainbows are probably one of the best signs that magic is about.

Why magic needs to be protected

There are many different sides to magic.

The most commonly known one is things like magic spells and potions. Another is all the magical creatures that exist in the world today. And finally there is the kind of magic that is most special and delicate and which helps us see hidden magical worlds, find magical creatures-in-disguise, and make anything we can dream or imagine come true.

If all the magic in the world was to disappear then it would be a very different world indeed.

We all need a little bit of magic in our lives.

Although it might be true to say that you can't see magic around you all the time, it's most definitely always there. If you can, try to imagine a day where you don't happily drift off into another world whilst gazing at a beautiful view out of a window; or a week that you don't arrive home with muddy shoes and tired legs from the most amazing adventure; or a morning when you don't wake up with a just-out-of-reach dream of riding on the back of the fastest unicorn in the world across pink, fluffy clouds.

That is what a world without magic would be like.

It would be ordinary. All day, every day. Magic is what makes even the most ordinary things special.

There's no doubt that snow makes everything more magical.

How do you become a member of The Enfys Society?

I can remember the day that I joined The Enfys Society like it was yesterday; although it was more years ago than I care to remember. I was sat having my breakfast on a very sunny morning and was reading over the second draft of my book called 'The Protection of Magical Creatures' when I heard a curious popping noise just next to my elbow. I looked down and there was an envelope I hadn't noticed before. I opened it, and inside was a beautifully written invitation to join The Enfys Society. I was overjoyed!

In fact there are thousands of members of The Enfys Society all over the world. Not all are invited as I was, some make the decision to join themselves and some (like Elgilina) have been members since they were born. The only condition to joining is that you must believe in magic and must do all that you can to protect it.

Spot the Unicorn-in-Disguise.

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