Once upon a time in the very-very-olden-days, there was a great rivalry between a unicorn and a bunny. It wasn't a bad rivalry, they were actually the best of friends, but the unicorn and the bunny liked to compete against each other in just about every respect.

If they were walking to school together in the morning they would compete about who could get there the quickest; if they were having cake for tea they would see who could eat the most slices; and if they were doing magic tricks for little children, they would compete against each other to create the most spectacular magical firework display.

But the thing that would inspire the most competition between the pair was putting on the best disguise.

The bunny's particular talent was for magically dressing up in different funny outfits, whilst the unicorn much preffered disguising himself as different animals with pretty patterns and lots of colour.

The unicorn liked to disguise himself as different animals

Every day after school (yes, unicorns and magical bunnies have to go to school too), they would meet up in a clearing in the woods near where they both lived. Then they would take it in turns to disguise themselves in the strangest and most wonderful thing they could imagine. These contests would go on for hours and hours, until they finally got too hungry and decided that they'd better go home for tea.

Eventually, word got out around the village that these contests were going on. All the creatures who lived nearby would go and watch them, and all the cheering and clapping spurred the unicorn and bunny on to more and more amazing feats of disguise.

What's the bunny disguised as now?

These disguising competitions had been going on for months now, and both the unicorn and bunny were getting better and better at it every day. But still the question remained - who was the winner? Each of them was so good that none of the magical creatures wanted to decide between them.

One day, the bunny had a great idea. Easter was coming up and he wanted to do something special for the little children who lived nearby. He decided they should make an Easter treasure hunt, and that they should take it in turns to disguise themselves along the way. Then at the end of the trail, the children would decide on who to crown the winner of the Easter treasure hunt.

The unicorn thought it was a great idea.

Together they planned the most amazing treasure hunt. They used magic to decorate a path through the trees, making clues magically float along the way. As a special treat, they placed chocolates in the trees for the little children, covering them in bright, sparkly wrappers to mark the path. They looked like little eggs.

The unicorn and the bunny practiced their disguises for weeks beforehand, each perfecting the most brilliant disguises in the hope of being the winner. Eventually the day came, and little children from the villages all around waited eagerly to start the trail.

All around multi-coloured eggs, flowers, butterflies and sparkly balls hung in the trees. The Enchanted Forest had never looked so magical and the little children were so excited that they didn't know where to look first.

The Enchanted Forest had never looked so magical

They followed the clues, picking up the little eggs as they went, until they came to the first clearing. They gasped as they saw the first disguise; a disguise that was so amazing that it sent little bolts of rainbow light glittering all around the clearing.

They carried on, and with each clearing they got to, the disguises became more and more wonderful.

Finally they came to the last clearning where both the unicorn and the bunny were waiting. There they put on the best magical firework display anyone had ever seen, with brightly coloured chocolates falling from the sky and little puffs of sherbert popping in the air.

The whole forest sparkled

Then the children voted for their favourite disguises. The unicorn and the bunny held their breath as the votes were counted - one ... two ... three ... and the winner is ... bunny!

The bunny was crowned the first winner of the Easter treasure hunt and became known as the Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny

These contests went on for hundreds of years, the unicorn and the bunny still competing, until the unicorns and other magical creatures began to retreat into the woods to hide from the non-magical world.

However, evidence that these competitions still go on can be seen by the Easter Egg trails popping up in children's gardens on Easter Sunday and, if you're lucky enough, you might even stumble across the unicorn and the bunny themselves ...

Wow! An Easter unicorn-in-disguise!

The End.